Important Factors To Consider When Building A Website

Important Factors To Consider When Building A Website

Are you thinking about designing your site to enhance your business or want create online presence of business so that large number of audience know about your business. So these are the important factors before starting a website which help you to do better in the same field:

Selecting a Domain and Host

The first step in the process of starting your business online or website making is selecting a DOMAIN NAME for your site. It should be simple, impossible to be misspelled, easy to remember and must be reflecting the accurate identity of your business. So it is a crucial task to select a domain.
Next is comparing hosting packages, it's important to check the nature of the site. What things and type of support you are seeking from your hosting provider. Will the site be rich with pictures, videos or content? Does the hosting package includes backup, security and other extra features?? Think about the amount of traffic your site will obtain. Ask third-party sites and do research before coming to the final decision.

Backend Services (CMS "Content Management System" / Software)

Backend services are very much important to manage and modify your content. So design a good admin panel through which you can easily and simply create, edit and publish unlimited data including images, videos and other graphics. If you are selecting a software then deeply understand its functionalities to manage the content of your site. It will be great if it is mobile responsive which allows you to modify your content whenever you want.

Clean Design & Color Scheme

It is the very crucial point as you are creating a front end of your site. The design should be properly done that helps the user to understand your services clearly. Colors should not be so dull or bright. A quality design with good typography should be made so that user can read the terms easily. If the design is appealing and simple customers will return back to your site.


It doesn't matter that a business is small or large branding is required in both cases and this can be done with help of the logo of your business. Design a logo that accurately reflects the identity of your business and it must be eye catchy. Select a position that visible to all users immediately as they visit your site and place your logo there. It is good if you design a logo in the color combination of your site and business.


When you are designing and developing a site you must care about the functionality of the website. There should not be broken links. Check feedback and contact forms are properly working or not.

Less Loading Time

The site should be designed in a way that it takes less time to load. Images should be compress, css and js files should be minified. The inclusion of external files should be less as much as possible. Users can return from your site if there is an issue in loading speed of the site.

Compatible with multiple browsers

The website should be compatible with multiple browsers like Google, Mozilla, opera, safari, internet explorer and others. Your site should run properly in all browsers as well in their older version. If it fails in this step your site cannot reach a large number of audience that produces obstacles in your growing business.

Other than use google captcha, author verification, show reviews and client testimonials, clean SEO and marketing. For more information check

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