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Mobile app is a productive way to connect with customers, increase brand recognition, stay ahead from competitors and start a complete new planet of endless similar prospects. We create user friendly, powerful and beautiful mobile apps that works smoothly across all devcies and platforms.

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Pricing & Plans

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  • Domain Hosting
  • Fully Customized Layout
  • Upto 7 Static Page
  • Home Page Slider
  • Upto 2 Email Accounts



  • Domain Hosting
  • Logo & Banner Design
  • Upto 15 pages
  • Upto 5 Email ID
  • Upto 2 DBMS



  • Domain Hosting
  • Web + CMS(Wordpress, Magento)
  • Logo & Banner Design
  • Upto 50 Product Listing
  • Upto 100 Email ID
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If you are looking for a Web design company who is fast, organized and very detail oriented then you will find it with SOFTECHURE IT SERVICES. They designed, our idea of a website to all our specifications.

Chris Michael

We came to SOFTECHURE IT SERVICES with a vision for our website. You listened, that vision with your constructive criticism and insight, produced a very attractive website! We hear nothing but positive comments!

Dr. Vidhu Mathur

Great people do to great work is perfectly suitable on the people of Softechure. They delivered their projects on time with perfection with amazing ideas. Thank you for the great design and marketing of our website.

Russell Robinson
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SEO Techniques That Will Boost Up Your Rankings

   Digital Marketing    24 Feb, 2018

SEO Techniques That Will Boost Up Your Rankings

If you want to increase website page rank on search engine so you should follow these informative suggestions it will help to raise your website rank. Publish the relevant content on website First of all content quality should be relevant to your Title and content awareness, consideration readability it is the most important parts of content skill if you write the content with this skill absolutely your content quality will help to raise your website page rank on search engine. Write the content with the long tail keyword with the identified keyword phrase for each page. Recognize a watchword expression for each page. Consider how your peruse may search for that particular page with phrases like "Digital marketing service in Jaipur" or " best technique to enhance page rank on search engine" or that point, rehash this expression a few times all through the page-once or twice in the opening and shutting sections, and two to four more circumstances all through the staying content. Don't neglect to utilize strong, italics, heading labels, and different accentuation labels to feature catchphrase phrases, however, don't try too hard. Never forfeit great composition for Website design enhancement. The best pages are composed for the client, not for the search engine. Regular updating If you want to your website rank increase fast you will do daily updating on your website it is good behavior according to search engine write fresh content don't use the copied content. Use Keywords in Meta's Keyword submission it is must when you design your website then you create meta title, meta description, meta keyword, focus keyword should contain all of these it will be the help to search engine on crawling time. Meta Title: Meta title is main title of your page it is on the top of webpage it should be 50 to 75 characters it is the most metadata it introduced your website what is your website and what is in first off all user will see your meta title If the meta title is of his related so he will come to your page so understand it should be relevant and informative. Meta Description: Description metadata is the literary description that a program will use in your page search return. A concise and engaging description of what is contained inside, with the objective of urging individuals to enter it should be 165 to 220 characters keyword should be mention. Optimize image: with Alt tag don't use the large sizes image in the article (its standard size is 800*533/or 860*600 it's a reliable size .and your primary keyword should be mentioned in the image title, description, caption. If you mention the keyword in image user can land on your website with the help of an image. And image should be central in the text. Use the Heading: like h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, if you use a keyword in your heading 1 and 2 and 3 so it's a good behavior according to on page SEO it can help to build your article SEO score. heading length should be 15-60 chars. And under the one heading, you can write only 300 words. Use the eternal and external link in your article. Types of keywords in On- Page SEO Single keywords like (Digital, Marketing, Jaipur) that's are count single keywords. Multiword keyword like (Digital marketing, Mobile marketing, Web designing) that's counts multiword keyword. Long tail keyword like (what is digital marketing, how to install software, what is the rule of Google panda) that's are called long tail keywords these are very helpful to increase our website rank and SEO score. Location based keyword: these keyword are locate your location like ( digital marketing in Jaipur, IT companies in Jaipur) Profitable keyword: you can increase the traffic at your website with the help of profitable keywords its very useful to enhance the user these types are (Budgeted web designing company in Jaipur, Affordable price IT companies in Jaipur, make mobile application in reasonable price in Jaipur ). Seasonable keyword: you can offer to people by seasonal based keyword like winter, summer, festivals etc. These are types of keywords must use keywords according to the opportunity because the keyword is one of the most important parts of your website it increases the website rank on the search engine if your websites are keywords less website can't raise on the search engine. If you want to learn more information here are few tools that will help to improve your website ranking on search engine you can follow these resources: www.moz.com (professional SEO tool) www.google.com/webmasters/tools (Best Reference for Understanding your Google Site Stats) www.siteliner.com (Website Overview Checker) www.smallseotools.com (Complete website overview checker).

Important Factors To Consider When Building A Website

   Website Designing    26 Feb, 2018

Important Factors To Consider When Building A Website

Are you thinking about designing your site to enhance your business or want create online presence of business so that large number of audience know about your business. So these are the important factors before starting a website which help you to do better in the same field: Selecting a Domain and Host The first step in the process of starting your business online or website making is selecting a DOMAIN NAME for your site. It should be simple, impossible to be misspelled, easy to remember and must be reflecting the accurate identity of your business. So it is a crucial task to select a domain. Next is comparing hosting packages, it's important to check the nature of the site. What things and type of support you are seeking from your hosting provider. Will the site be rich with pictures, videos or content? Does the hosting package includes backup, security and other extra features?? Think about the amount of traffic your site will obtain. Ask third-party sites and do research before coming to the final decision. Backend Services (CMS "Content Management System" / Software) Backend services are very much important to manage and modify your content. So design a good admin panel through which you can easily and simply create, edit and publish unlimited data including images, videos and other graphics. If you are selecting a software then deeply understand its functionalities to manage the content of your site. It will be great if it is mobile responsive which allows you to modify your content whenever you want. Clean Design & Color Scheme It is the very crucial point as you are creating a front end of your site. The design should be properly done that helps the user to understand your services clearly. Colors should not be so dull or bright. A quality design with good typography should be made so that user can read the terms easily. If the design is appealing and simple customers will return back to your site. Branding It doesn't matter that a business is small or large branding is required in both cases and this can be done with help of the logo of your business. Design a logo that accurately reflects the identity of your business and it must be eye catchy. Select a position that visible to all users immediately as they visit your site and place your logo there. It is good if you design a logo in the color combination of your site and business. Functionality When you are designing and developing a site you must care about the functionality of the website. There should not be broken links. Check feedback and contact forms are properly working or not. Less Loading Time The site should be designed in a way that it takes less time to load. Images should be compress, css and js files should be minified. The inclusion of external files should be less as much as possible. Users can return from your site if there is an issue in loading speed of the site. Compatible with multiple browsers The website should be compatible with multiple browsers like Google, Mozilla, opera, safari, internet explorer and others. Your site should run properly in all browsers as well in their older version. If it fails in this step your site cannot reach a large number of audience that produces obstacles in your growing business. Other than use google captcha, author verification, show reviews and client testimonials, clean SEO and marketing. For more information check https://www.socialmediatoday.com/content/24-things-consider-when-designing-and-developing-website

Best Digital Marketing, SEO training company in jaipur

   Digital Marketing    27 Mar, 2018

Best Digital Marketing, SEO training company in jaipur

Softechure is a one of the best Digital Marketing company in Jaipur is used advanced "Digital Marketing" Promoting technique is based on the establishment of driving quantifiable outcomes. We take an Omni-channel way to deal with Digital Marketing with an emphasis on expanding changes, rehash activity and producing more prominent mark faithfulness on the internet. Today internet is in reach of relatively every individual around the globe. A large portion of us invest a great deal of energy on the internet, for example, Web-based social networking, Internet business sites, e-commerce platforms online news and so forth. Utilization of web nowadays has hopped to another level. Utilizing Advanced Showcasing Administrations for the advancement of any business ends up being greatly improved when contrasted with other promoting procedures. Give us a chance to observe how organizations can make progress online by utilizing Computerized Advertising Administrations. What is Digital Marketing How Digital Market Helps Boost Business Digital Marketing is an Internet Marketing Where we use Digital Devices it is a term utilized when the promoting is finished utilizing computerized devices like PC, Mobile, tablets, radio, TV or computerized signage. It means discovering right target advertise on the internet, contacting them, proposing values by imparting and producing business on the internet. Digital Marketing Benefits 1- Worldwide Approach - Computerized Promoting Administrations gives us a wide territory to achieve clients. There are no geological limits as everything is done through the web. Advanced Promoting Administrations enables organizations to target clients of any nation or region around the world. 2- Financially savvy - Advanced Digital Marketing turn out to be practical. When contrasted with other promoting systems it permits concentrating on particular activity it gives you the best result of all over the world Digital Marketing work better as compared to traditional marketing. 3- You can track your target - By the Digital Marketing we can track our Targets like Country, Cities, Age Group, Gender, All of these impossible threw by Digital Marketing you can know user interest Google Analytic. 4- Digital Marketing is easy and fast - It is so simple and fast service turns out to be a quick and result situated system of advertising as it begins giving prompt outcomes. Best Digital Marketing Effective Strategy Learn effective Digital Marketing Strategy will help to enhance your Brand Search engine optimization - SEO is a route used to streamline sites or website pages with the goal that it performs well in natural indexed lists in any internet searcher case Google, Bing, Yahoo. if your search engine optimization is a week so your Business may think that its hard to get great rank in SERP. Search engine optimization is outstanding amongst other approaches to enhance quality and amount of the movement on a specific website. It is discovered that the sites which are on top in Google seek page get most activity and business. Today clients trust web search tools, and if a site is getting shown in the aftereffect of the watchwords client is looking expands the site trust. E-Commerce Marketing - If you have a Business then e-commerce platforms is the really beneficial way you can grow your business at a high level. Actually, It is an approach to get your item showed in the outcome for the catchphrases looked by the guest in any web-based e-commerce websites. For the most part of user's show's interest for the item/and services which are shown on the highest point of the query output done by them. With a specific end goal to get a decent change rate for the items showed, one ought to complete web-based business improvement. SMO- Social Media Optimization it's a main effective tool for increase traffic your website, increase your business, and brand value. Utilizing Digital services for the advancement of business in web-based social networking is a demonstrated method to get new clients. It brings about a decent change rate. Social Media Marketing additionally helps in spreading brand mindfulness. E-Mail Marketing- Email promoting is a procedure to get your business or publicizing Email arrived in client's inbox as opposed to dropping them in spam messages. Email advertising is a recipient apparatus to pull in clients towards your items and administrations. On the off chance that the substance is significant, organizations can get countless through this channel. Google Adwords - Google Adwords is another and financially savvy approach to publicizing a business in the highest point of google search engine. It is fruitful as it shows on the best in the output for the catchphrases. What's more, it is financially savvy as we can target group of audience, time, zone. Additionally, you need to pay just for the user who visits your website through that promotion showed. This component is Known as PPC (pay per click).